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Where it all began...

In 2019, Ruthie arrived in Albury to visit her cousin Ruth Davys.

Around the same time, Petal came for a short stay with her cousin Pettina Love.

Later that year (just before Christmas), 

after the girls "short visit" had stretched into several months, Ruth and Pettina decided to take their cousins on a Wiradjuri road trip.

This video is about that trip...and was their inspiration for "Who? What? Where?"

Then, in 2020/2021, the pilot series "Who? What? Where?" was created...

"Who? What? Where?" is a bilingual (Wiradjuri and English), online-content series that follows the adventures of puppets Ruthie and Petal as they travel across Wiradjuri Country, NSW.


Each episode is filled with irrelevant, funny, entertaining content that weaves snippets of Wiradjuri language into everyday conversations.

Season One concentrates on single Wiradjuri word usage and Season Two progresses to using short phrases. Both Seasons of Who? What? Where? were funded by Aboriginal Affairs N.S.W. through the Aboriginal Languages Community Investments Program and were filmed in 2020-2021. To find out more go to  Aboriginal Affairs NSW - Giilangyaldhaanygalangs Who What Where

This is the Creative Team

Creative Crew 2.jpg


Ruth Davys is a Wiradjuri woman. She is the daughter of Patricia Pollard and George Dacey. Ruth was raised in Uranquinty, went to school in Wagga and belongs to the Albury - Wodonga community.

She brings experience in community engagement, is a connector who is sensitive to community needs, and understands community protocols. Ruth has the ability to network and unite people with a common vision and finds ways for everyone to be included.


In Ruth's spare time she enjoys visually expressing the stories of her community and ancestors. Ruth has told the story of the Albury Wiradjuri community through the installation of “Tracks” artwork in the MAMA floor plan, the story of the Bogong Moth is a permanent sculptural display on the Yindjamarra Cultural Trail, and the story of the Bunyip adorned the walls of the Albury Library Museum in a pressed metal display. A contemporary story of Wiradjuri nationbuilding was expressed in a bilingual artpiece called  “I am Wiradjuri”. 


Pettina Love is a Bundjalung (Widjabal) - Gumbayngirr woman. She is the daughter of Rita Wenberg (stolen generations - Cootamundera Girls Home) and George Love. Pettina's hometown is Tumut. She moved to Albury in her teens and belongs to the Albury-Wodonga community.

She brings academic experience in language revitalisation and practical experience in teaching/learning methods, plus a bucketful of qualifications.


Also known as:

Dr Pettina Love BSc LTU, BAppSc (Hons) UC, PhD LTU, GradCertWLC&H CSU


Pettina is currently completing her 2nd PhD (Linguistics). Her hobbies include rifle shooting (she's a Victorian Rifle Association Councillor), playing Beat Saber (a virtual reality game which she became addicted to during COVID19 restrictions) and creative writing.

creative crew 4.jpg


Creative Crew 3.jpg


Jess Love is a Bundjalung (Widjabal) - Gumbayngirr woman. She is the daughter of Pettina Love and the grand-daughter of Rita Wenberg (above). Jess has connections to Tumut, was raised in Albury, went to university in Melbourne and belongs to the Albury-Wodonga community.


She is an emerging filmmaker, screenwriter, cinematographer, and editor. With a grounding in politics and philosophy, and practical experience in videography...she has been away at university for a while (Jess Love BAHons LTU MMedia RMIT)  but now she's back in community!


Jess has become a "Call Of Duty" expert over the last year, and has been thinking about doing a PhD exploring 'creativity', but is also really keen to see all her friends and family in community.

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